Environmental & Sustainability Policy

An Environmentally Conscious Group

As part of the Harrison Group we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and increasing sustainability of our diverse business operations.

Our environmental and sustainability policy includes a strategic programme that will enable us to achieve the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

Everything from sourcing,  manufacturing, fabrication and printing, to transporting and business management processes have been carefully reviewed and adapted to ensure we are minimising our impact on our planet.

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Harrison Flag Upcycling Scheme

Join us in our pledge to reduce the 895,000 tonnes of textile waste that enters landfill each year by participating in our flag up-cycling scheme.

How it works

  1. Post your used flags back to us at this address:Flag Upcycling Team, Harrison Flagpoles, 38 Borough Road, Darlington, County Durham, DL1 1SW. We accept all types of flags (screen printed, digitally printed, handsewn) in any design, size and condition. If you would like a certificate via email to show you have taken part in our upcycling scheme, please include a note of your email address with the flags.
  2. Once we have received your flags, our team will then assess them to decide how best to upcycle them. Knitted polyester flags in good condition make great shopping bags, whereas worn flags are more suitable for turning into dog toys.
  3. Our skilled team of seamstresses transform your flags into new products which can either be purchased at a small cost or donated to local charities. If your flags are too worn to be re-purposed we will recycle them.
  4. At the end of their life our upcycled products can be recycled with textile waste.

Our eco-friendly product range

To further minimise our impact on the environment and offer sustainable options to our customers, we have created a eco-friendly branding range.

We are the pioneers of eco-friendly flags, banners and display products in the UK having launched a range of products that are not only kinder to our environment but in many cases also a superior product to mainstream alternatives. As many of our products enable for the hardware to be re-used over and over again, the lifetime cost of the product is much less than low cost, lower quality single use solutions already available.

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