10th April 2019

Are flags and banners zero rated for registered charities?

Harrison EDS are proud suppliers of temporary signage, exhibition stands, feather flags and banners to many charities along with our sister companies Harrison Creative (the Event Branding Experts) and Harrison Flagpoles who supply a range of flags and flagpoles.

In light of the desire to save money for the work of the charity we are very often asked if VAT is applicable on flags, feather flags and banners.  Well in short the answer unfortunately is yes, VAT is applicable.  But if your charity is VAT registered you can then claim this VAT back.

Here is the official stance from HMRC’s Charities, Savings & International VAT Team provided to us directly:

“If the supply of flags and banners to a charity is for advertising purposes, the supply does not qualify for zero rating. Any method that is not the supply of someone else’s advertising time or space, or is in the form of general marketing and promotion is excluded from any VAT relief. (See 701/58 Section 3.8)”.

So how can we help?

In support of the great work that charities do, we always offer discounts across our range as we recognise that every penny counts, so please get in touch if you are a charity and are in need of our services.

We hope this helps and if you have further questions please get in touch.  You may also be interested to read about some of the work our Charity Task Forces get up to throughout the year in our previous post.

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