20th November 2018

Brand your New Housing Development

Branding a place is just as important as branding a product. It is about creating a feeling that becomes memorable to your consumer when they think about your experience.

And this is exactly the same for housebuilder sites.

How are you going to display your new housing development, how will the site look to potential buyers driving past?

These are questions that should be at the forefront of your mind when creating a new housing development. You want your site to stand out, to be approachable, and to look professional and well kept. If people are intrigued by the look of your site they are more likely to stop and be intrigued by your homes.

It is about creating an emotional relationship with the potential buyer and evoking that ‘feeling’ that when they pull up to your showhouses it feels like home. This can be done by using a warm tone of voice, warm colours with a personable and friendly appearance.

Research tells us that prospective buyers can make their mind up about a house even before they enter the front door. This is why it is of paramount importance to brand your site in a way that creates that homely and personable experience for the buyer.

It’s all about creating that positive first impression, but how can we do it?

Harrisons offer a comprehensive range of Housebuilder Flagpoles and various other signage products designed to set the tone for your new housing development and create that lasting first impression with your potential buyers. Some of our products are detailed below.

From our Classic to our Deluxe to our Executive, our Housebuilder Flagpoles are one of the strongest on the market and allow you to showcase your brand message with that quality feel. Made from either aluminium or glassfibre, in our UK facilities, our flagpoles can withstand wind speeds of up to 85mph and come complete with a heavy duty mechanism to ensure that your flag flies proudly and can be visible at all times.

Heras Scrim is a fantastic product that allows the Heras panels around your site to be branded to create a professional look and cover the construction areas.

Our high quality PVC banners give a professional look and finish and can be used both indoor and outdoor to guarantee an eye catching display for your potential buyers.

Lamppost banners can provide additional branding to your new housing development site and with our banner arms being EN40 approved they are local authority endorsed. They are the ideal product for display branding and will ensure your site is seen.

These are only a few of our display products that are ideal for Housebuilder sites and you can check out our full range of products here. You can also contact our Housebuilder branding experts on 01325 390 192, who will be happy to discuss our range of products with you and find the perfect array of products for your new housing development site in order to catch the eye of potential buyers with a professional but homely display.

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