21st September 2020

Harrison EDS back Recycle Week 2020

Recycle Week 2020

This week, we’re backing the national environmental campaign Recycle Week 2020, delivered by environmental charity WRAP. From the 21st to 28th September businesses and organisations across the nation will be raising awareness of the need to recycle in a bid to care for our planet.

Who is WRAP?

WRAP stands for Waste, Resources Action Programme which works with The Government, businesses and communities to accelerate a move to sustainability. They help them reduce waste, develop sustainable products and use resources in an efficient way for the benefit of future generations.

Why is it important?

The work of WRAP and its national campaign Recycle Week is growing year on year. Proof that as a nation, we recognise the need for change. It’s profile elevated in recent years through the involvement of many household names and well-known consumer brands. As a result, it’s facilitating real change across Britain that will  benefit generations to come.

What’s this year’s campaign about?

This year has thrown many challenges our way and we’ve experienced unprecedented times. So, quite rightly, the theme this year is simply about saying thank you for continuing to recycle and care for our planet even amidst this chaos.  ‘This Recycle Week, we want to thank each and every one of you. For pulling together whilst staying apart. And continuing to recycle. No matter what life throws in the way. Protecting our nation and our planet for the future. Together.’

We believe this is a fitting campaign theme, as it’s simply saying keep doing what you’re doing.

Watch this short video titled Our Unsung Heroes.

Why are we getting involved?

We are acutely aware that the print industry contributes to a very real waste problem. Flags, scrim, branding products all have a limited shelf life and once disposed of, contribute to further textile and plastic waste. We believe there is a better way to operate and we believe everyone has their part to play in protecting our planet, no matter how small. Collectively everyone’s efforts count. We are, and have been for several years, fully committed to doing our part in reducing our environmental impact and we will continue to do so.

By participating in Recycle Week 2020 Harrison EDS are hoping to demonstrate to other businesses new ways in which to operate more sustainably. Across the Harrison Group, we offer a range of eco-products made from recycled waste, helping tackle the problem of  textile and plastic waste and reduce the overall carbon footprint these products produce. We’re hoping that in time, more customers will demand our green products or perhaps even join our flag upcycling scheme, so that together we can reduce waste and minimise our impact on the environment.


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