23rd September 2020

5 Reasons to switch to Fabric Display Stands

Reasons to switch to Fabric Display Stands

Let’s discuss why it may be time to switch to fabric display stands.

In the busy market place you need your brand to stand out so you can get your message across to potential customers so why use the same old roller banner as everyone else?

The Bravura range from Harrison EDS is the next generation of display products. This exciting and distinctive range of fabric display systems for point of sale, events and exhibitions displays portray brilliance, technical skill and performance.

So why should you make the switch from pop up stands and roller banner to fabric display stands?

1. They stay looking new for longer

Your display is a physical representation of your brand, the last thing you want is for it to look dirty and worn. The beauty of fabric is that is can be washed and ironed to keep it looking as good as new for longer. Simply pop it in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

Fabric is much easier to care for and less likely to be damaged, meaning you can send it out on the road without worrying it will come back damaged and unusable.

2. Quick assembly

Forget the complicated numbering systems of pop up stands and trying to work out which bar goes where. Put your stand or display up quickly and easily by switching to fabric. Simply connect the frame sections together, insert them into the base and slip the fabric cover over. It’s as easy as that. Our installation guides will even walk you through the process if you’re unsure.

3. Greater flexibility

Fabric systems can be used in so many ways; they can replace pop up stands at exhibitions, roll up banners to display promotional messages or even as a partition to separate areas in offices, showrooms or exhibitions.

They are lightweight enough to be moved around onsite when you fancy a change to give a fresh feel to your space.

If you select a double-sided option we can print different artwork on each side giving you twice the marketing opportunity. Saving costs on reprinting graphics for different promotions or events.

4. Easy to transport and store

The Bravura fabric displays are lightweight and compact making them ideal for global events where weight and size dictate transportation costs.

They all come complete with their own carry bag making them easy to transport between events and store when not in use.

5. More cost effective

Fabric display stands can be re-used by simply getting new fabric graphics printed. Once you have invested in the hardware you can give your stand a whole new lease of life for minimal cost, saving money compared to buying a full new roller banner system.

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