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21st May 2020

Keep customers & staff safe with the right display kit when you re-open

As UK businesses gear themselves ups to reopen to the public, many will be wondering how best to implement social distancing measures that will keep customers and staff safe. There are a number of precautions we can see retailers doing already; marking out isles and areas with stickers and tape, guidance posters, banners and partitions.  They are all good practice that ensure businesses comply with “COVID-19 secure” government guidelines and help customers feel safe.

Choosing the right portable display kit

When it comes to display stands and banners the choice of products and suppliers is endless, so you’ll want to do your homework to ensure you make the right purchase. Here are some points to consider.


As these measures are likely to stay for some time, it’s probably wise not to instinctively select the cheapest option, as this often results in paying twice. Lower end products, more often than not, don’t offer the durability and quality finish most businesses would desire. There’s nothing worse than equipment that damages easily. This is costly, wastes time and resources and can damage your brand image.


You’ll also want to think about versatility. Selecting a versatile and practical product will  ensure that your staff can easily set up and move your displays. Also consider that you may want to update your messages as time moves on.

Green credentials

There is a growing movement to sustainability and ethical purchasing world wide as businesses acknowledge the need to help the environment with conscious buying. Greener purchasing also has the added benefit of an improved brand image and long-term financial savings too.

Our choice – Bravura range

This is where one brand, The Bravura Range, stands out from the rest. We at Harrison EDS are strong advocates of the Bravura portable display range, in large because of its eco-friendly credentials, but also that is a practical alternative to traditional display stands. The durable hardware is designed to be reused repeatedly and the styling is sleek and modern. Instead of vinyl, they use fabric prints, which again, is far more practical.

Bravura Portable Display Range

Bravura Portable Display Range is versatile, durable and practical to use.

There are several benefits to the stretchy fabric covers over vinyl, they don’t easily tear, nor do they scuff.  Their smooth matt finish is quite elegant, complemented with the curved corners of the frame. The overall look is superior to many of the cheaper throwaway roll up banners, giving the right impression of your brand. Plus, the fabric cover is double sided – giving maximum brand impact.

When you’re ready to change your message, simply replace the fabric print. The fabric covers can be recycled as part of our fabric up-cycling scheme, simply return them to us, and we will re-use them, preventing more waste from going to landfill. The re-usability and recyclable properties have the added benefit of long-term financial savings too.

Bravura Partition Display

Bravura Partition Display

The range offers great choice too, with display stands of differing heights and widths, partition displays, display walls, tension fabric systems and much more.

The reason we offer this range to our customers is simple, Bravura is eco-friendly and practical, with no compromise on quality and that sits right with us. We select only offer products that we know our customers are going to love, as we pride ourselves on delivering the highest customer experience. This is why we are the supplier of choice for some of the largest names in retail, automotive and construction.

Unsure of what you need?

Our experienced team can help you choose the right products from the range and will explain the unique features and benefits of each item. To discuss the Bravura display stand options in more detail contact our sales team on or call 0132 355433.

View the full range

Download the Bravura brochure

Bravura Portable Display Range Brochure

Bravura Portable Display Range Brochure


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